The Oxford Dictionary defines synchronicity like this:
“The simultaneous occurrences of events which appear significantly related but have no discernable casual connection.” Wow… in my opinion this is a “wishy washy way of describing anything.” Let’s get to the point. “Synchronicity describes events that casually happen leading to your manifestation.”

An example of synchronicity is when you’re walking or driving down a street and the lights are always green. You may consistently see a series of numbers. Sometimes your favorite song is playing at a particular moment enhancing your experience.

These are just a few signs you may get from our Universe. They usually happen congruent to your particular environment and knowledge. It’s really a beautiful thing upon understanding. By the way… you don’t really need to know about science and experience the beauty. Just like city streets, signs are everywhere, synchronicity leads the way. Many of us don’t recognize what’s right in front of us because of being programmed backwards. That’s that sociological and historic stuff I mentioned earlier explaining our backward mental programming. Most humans have experienced social false beliefs. This explains not being in tune with nature.

Synchronicity occurs in many different forms. As I said before, it’s usually a repeated occurrence. Dreams have meaning especially when they happen repeatedly. An important thing to realize and remember is not to get overwhelmed with synchronicities. If they happen, fine. If not, you can learn to deliberately manifest synchronicity. Certainly don’t worry. The concept of manifestation is a relaxed sensation. It’s about knowing what you want already exists and if experienced physically, … fine. If you don’t experience what you expected, this is our Universe’s way of showing you something better. Things can be inevitably than what you thought you wanted.

There is abundance of everything and traces of what you want are laid out available. You must stay alert and read the signs.

Perhaps you remember the children’s story entitled “Hansel and Gretel” — by Humperdinck. It was about two children lost in the Forrest. This story could represent any of us lost in the world. We often get confused with shiny objects and false promises of ginger bread. (obviously it could be chicken, watermelon, weed, pizza or gefilte fish , a Cadilac or whatever you like) . Then we find our way by staying alert.

Once upon a time there where two children by the name of Hansel and Gretel. Lost in the Forrest, they were lured to a ginger bread house. The two where endangered by an “Evil Witch.” After altercation with the wicked witch, they escaped. The two children found their way back home because the boy Hansel had left a trail of bread crumbs (or it could have been pebbles in his pocket ) throughout the Forrest. The children followed the bread crumb trail back to their village and lived happily ever after. (perhaps the mayor of their village award them with a G wagon)

It’s a children story, however like humans in our Universe. You have the so-called evil element, getting lost, then the story goes on to finding safety. Read the bread crumb signs or what have you. Safety is inevitable. Appreciation for what you have will bring you a clearer understanding. All of us have signs in view. Your manifestation is like that. You may get lost and likely go through altercation. Read the various signs. Stay alert and creative. Learn to create your own synchronicity. You too can live “happily ever after.”



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