All matter is energy vibrating and condensed in slow motion. So-called inanimate objects are actually vibrating at a motion too slow for the naked eye. Everything in our Universe is vibrating.

So what? How does that have any relevance to you or me getting what we want? It’s important to know the “big picture.” If you want a car, house, money, mate, job or what ever, it’s important to understand that it’s only matter. I say only because the emotional attributes attached to it are actually those you have established The balloons, fan fair and whistles are extra. You ad that on. A hamburger is a hamburger. You can ad pickles. Please understand matter is subatomic energy vibrating on various frequency.

It’s important to realize all matter is subject to Universal law. You have control of what happens upon abiding by laws. It’s like walking or driving down the street. Don’t be a jay walker or don’t run a red light. Universal laws will not allow you to go beyond them. If you take a coin and throw it up into the air, what will happen? It will fall back down toward the ground. If you stick your hand out in it’s path before it falls to the ground, you can catch it. Manifesting things follow the same and ethic

You may not be as familiar with the laws because of lack of practice. Most of us were lead to believe we have no control of what happens. Control begins in the thought process. Everything you see or hear is established thought.

How can we control and establish our thought? instead of being like a leaf on a tree. The leaf is subject to the wind,. How can you be like a rock? A rock is more stable. The answer is focus.

How can one increase their focus? There are two words that summarize this answer. Discipline and practice. These are two basic principles. How much discipline is required and how much practice is dependant upon how far out you are. I use the hippie phrase “far out” because most of us have been taken far out of our natural human state. We’ve been lead to believe false social values. Many of us remain in society but far out from nature.

We naturally practice prayer in one form or another upon understanding there is something greater then our being. Here I’m not going to tell you how to pray because some of you are obviously not ready. I will let you know that divinity exists and we are all subject to Devin Universal law. Our alignment and adherence to Divinity (science calls it the Universe) give us power. Call it what you wanna but you gotta submit weather you like it or not. Gravity is real.

When discipline and practice are applied, the so-called magic happens. Prayer, meditation, affirmation and visualization create gravitation . You may find these things are all interchangeable. One will lead you to the other. We all know what graviton does. It brings things closer. That’s how you get closer to what you want.

It’s important not to pray for particular things because you actually already have them. What you want exists in the quantum state (another dimension) Asking for what you already have is a mistake many of us make. It’s better to give thanks that you are able to think of a thing. It’s yours as soon as you think of it. Thankfulness is a much better process then asking for what you already have. Please remember all things come from “superposition state” (the quantum state.” I wrote about this earlier. The Universe gives you everything.. Command your consciousness to show you, so that you may experience what you see. You already have everything. Now is the time to experience it.



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