Reality is what ever is perceived. Apparently there is no one reality. What you believe is what you perceive. Some one else may see it different. Truth is indisputable.

Believe in a possibility and it can turn into a reality. The big question is how. How do we create reality? Is there a pill we can take and make our reality? The answer to creating our reality lies in our ability to align our ego with our subconscious mind. That’s the pill. Alignment of our consciousness is the pill.

The subconscious mind is connected to the Universe were there is infinite wisdom. We have the same stuff found in our infinite Universe also found in our body. The subatomic particles in the Universe are also found in our human anatomy. Quite naturally, the particles can communicate. What does that mean? It means when we control ourselves, we control our environment. Our environment is the Universe.

Why is it that many of us seem to be out of control? The answer to not being able to control ourselves or the Universe is “interference.” There are things that take us out of our natural state. Interference in the form of false beliefs take us away from our natural state of mind.

What are false beliefs? I can only begin to make a list because society has established a multitude of false beliefs from over 6000 years. Yes that’s right 6000 years ago human DNA was altered. This is hard core fact. Scientist and Theologians both agree on the human change happening approximately 6000 years ago. There is physical evidence. Consequentially, ideals and beliefs changed too.

Ok now you know when false beliefs began. Let’s look at some of them. Here’s just a few: “Work is hard, it’s hard to get money, jobs are scarce, no pain no gain, you’ll never make it unless you go to college, you have to die before you experience heaven, the south shall rise again” etc. So… you see ruling societies were established out of greed and all sorts of decedent reasons. These are only some of the thoughts and rationale that keep us away from our natural universal connection. I could devote an entire book to how we were taken away from nature but I won’t. It’s only important to know that much of what you believe is stuck in your subconscious. Most of you have false beliefs stuck in your subconscious. The false beliefs won’t allow you to step into higher communication.

Is your reality being defined by society? Do your friends, neighbors, so-called authority figures, lovers, or relatives determine your reality? The answer is yes for most of us. You are not alone. All of us are effected. What can we do to make clear communication with the Universe? We now have awareness that brings us to psychological tools. Since we identify the situation, we can learn how to direct our thought.

Controlling our thought requires what I call camouflage. Why camouflage? We use camouflage because getting the desired effect is a battle against old unwanted thought. It’s actually a war. You can win with practice. As in any war logistics are employed. We have what you want vs what exists and the reason it exists.

What ever takes over your subconscious wins the reality battle. Remember there is a barrier around your subconscious. The barrier is a questioning critical analysis. It only lets in things previously approved by your subconscious.

You can’t put new thoughts into your subconscious without clearing space. If your mind is full of old stuff, you have to get rid of it in order to have the new. New belief automatically kill off old false belief. Truth cancels falsehood automatically.

How do we do all this stuff.? Once again I prescribe meditation, affirmation and visualization repeatedly. Discipline and repetition rules. The camouflage I spoke of earlier is used in the form of subliminal affirmation repeated over and over. Subliminal affirmation and visualization repeated over and over gets beyond the critical analysis barrier. You of course could use hypnotic shock however that’s usually rather expensive. The easiest way to transform your subconscious in my opinion is to use subliminal affirmation. Repeat a carefully designed affirmation and it will get you into your subconscious and then inevitably your desired reality. It’s not an over night thing. Consider the fact that we began getting our subconscious stuffed with false beliefs early in life. Clearing out and putting new values into our subconscious can take weeks to years, depending upon how cluttered you mind is. Freedom is important enough in my opinion to not have any time limit. May I suggest taking as much time as you need. Take whatever time needed so that your mind is free and you can actually sculpt your reality. Yes I said sculpt just like a sculpture creates a work of art. You can create your reality.



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