There is no such thing as time other than what humans have constructed. For the sake of trying to rationalize what is beyond our comprehension, we made up measurement. There is one we call time. A way we attempt order is by using measurement. It works fairly well within our 3 dimensions. Try to use time going into other dimensions and there’s resistance.

Music serves as an example here. A song may be in the key of C. All the vibration and harmony is evaluated upon what the key of C has. Impose something in C# while playing in the key of C. You will naturally hear dissonance or resistance . Base ball rules don’t function in a game of chess. So is it with measurements of time within the Universe Try and apply time with manifestation and you will find resistance. I know this may seem crazy to some of you. That’s because you are accustomed to living within your ego. Please understand there is existence way beyond our ego. Once you understand that, you will be well awakened to worlds of enlightenment.

Incredible opportunities appear and become available upon understanding dimension. You don’t have to be heavy or deep. It’s not rocket science (as the expression goes) Relax and understand you won’t get to the future until you deal with “the now.” Everything that ever could be and will be is happening right now. You are not able to see everything because of different dimensional construct. Infinity is here and now. Reality is based upon your ability to piece things together.

Let your subconscious do the work. Allow yourself to align with the universe by way of your subconscious. Train your ego to communicate with the Universe. This is how one reaches infinite wisdom. Remember you must abide by dimensional rules. The main rule I speak of is “the absence of time.” Forget about time. Trust The Universe and trust the process. It’s how to get anything you want. You will no doubt be given what you want at the right time. Our Universe is always correct. Don’t worry. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.

The main reason people don’t reach their desired manifestation is they try to use human made up rules. Much of what we evaluate is inappropriate for the infinite Universe. We only understand an extremely small segment of infinity. If you try to time reality you will get nowhere. The realm of reality is beyond time measurement. Time is of no value when calculating infinity. The only thing we can come up with is now. Now is always and never began and never ends. This is the rationale that befuddles most humans. Our measurements are essentially all based upon our egotistical life values. Infinity obviously has much more dimension then any human calendar.

An important process that may be misconstrued as time is the concept of entropy. There is an element called “entropy” whereby things go from order to disorder. An example is leaves falling off a tree and transforming into the soil. Things evolve in the Universe as energy can not be created. It can only be transformed. Look at the effect of entropy We can perhaps label the process with or as time however have no effect upon it. There is no time in the universe other than now. The past is a recording and the future is a calculation. Past and future only exist in recordings. We cannot live in the future or the past. We can only live in now and think of the past and future.

If time is a major factor in what you want. may I suggest pretending you already have the physical experience? We should always be in a situation that doesn’t make us desperate. Manifestation is most difficult upon being desperate. Desperate energy conflicts with manifesting.

How to deal with desperation? The best thing to do is immediately relax. Relax no matter what. I don’t care if your house is burning. The first step is to relax. Then you can naturally come about ways to solve what ever difficulty. There is no time. Relaxing brings our ego into a position whereby we can reach out to the subconscious and get a viable solutions. Nothing happens if you’re tensed up. You’ll just be overtaken by what ever the situation is. I’m talking about this because the realm of desperation and thinking within a prescribe time is an obstruction to manifestation.

Doubt, worry and disbelief are obstructions. Forget time and do what you have to do so that time won’t be an obstruction. You can work things out so balance becomes a habit. This includes all pleasurable things. Pleasure shouldn’t have to be at the cost of others. Manifestation is about focus discipline and repetition. That’s how we step into other dimensions. Focus, discipline and repetition are three important manifestation tools. Linear time is void. What you want will happen at the right time. Learn to not think of time. It’s useless to Manifestation. because things are always in the Universe. It’s our limited thought that puts time restraints on matter. Go beyond that and you got it made. I’ll show you how to go beyond time.



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