The Universe puts no limits upon what is available, however there are dimensional boundaries. Science reveals human inalienable rights. We are part of the infinite Universe. The Universe’s wealth has no limit. Where there is infinite wealth, why should there be a limit upon what you are allowed to have? Can you have yourself? My brother used to ask me a question that was over my head as a child. He asked. “Why do rich kids get more toys for Christmas?”

Everything is energy. Basic physics show us that no one owns energy. In other words, people don’t own anything. We may think we do, but physics show otherwise.. We claim things and they come through our experience. Upon passing (so called death) we can’t take those things with us. Once again we are confronted with the energy principle. “Energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be converted or transformed from one state to another.” — Albert Einstein.

Everything is here for everyone and only a segment of the human population experience so-called wealth. Why is that? Isn’t everything available to everyone according to physics? Yes everything is available but only a portion of the human population understand their own ability.

There seems to be a war going on between truth and falsehood. Archeological records indicate the altercation began roughly 6000 years ago. I wrote of this earlier and must remind you. A truthful look at our ability to think shows the limits stem from our subconscious. You have the potential to materialize anything you desire. Wealth and abundance are your birth right according to Universal law. City hall may think different. What does that have to do with our subconscious? Where are the boundaries and how do we get around them?

We are people in space. Some people take up more space than others. Dimension is key to understanding boundaries. We can experience anything we want. Please understand it is easier when others benefit. Quite naturally people coming together in unity creates a powerful energy force. That’s usually more powerful than one person’s energy. A simple analogy is 2 is more than one. I’m explaining this so that you may see the basic principle of “force,” That’s what we call classical physics. Quantum Physics go beyond that. The basic principle of manifestation is focus upon what you want and it is. This is in acknowledgment of you letting your subconscious do the job connecting to infinite wisdom. Here Quantum Mechanics defies Classical Physics. 1+ 1 does not always equal 2. It equals more. This is the power you possess.

Belief is everything. It comes from consciousness. Without consciousness there is nothing. A simple solution to manifesting is forget what you don’t want and focus upon what you want. That’s the answer to manifestation no matter where you are. It’s a simple formula that is so easy, it mystifies many. Children intrinsically seem to understand the concept. There seems to be less need for them to clean out their subconscious, because they have little in it. Adults are usually battered with the burden of mental programming from well over 20 years or more. This is where the need for discipline and repetition comes in. The war continues. Regain control of your mind.

Look within yourself and do what you must. The ability to manifest what ever you want requires solitude. Gaining power makes you a minority. Only a portion of the human race have the knowledge to deliberately create their own reality.

Deliberate reality creators are the minority. We learn to isolate ourselves from so-called mainstream society because of historically being abused. Isolating is a way of conserving positive energy rather than being drained by altercation. If you are around someone negative, things become strenuous. Constantly having to explain to someone who has no understanding is quite a task.

It has recently become (in the past 6000 years) the social norm that only some should have the human right of wealth. That means one class serves the other. You may ask. “What does that have to do with me getting what I want?” It asserts the fact that isolation, logistics, and camouflage are a few of the things that come into effect while preserving ones dream. How to get anything you want involves securing your rights. You must protect your thoughts.

Does what you want happen at the cost of others or does it help others? If it helps others you will stand in a better position to receive exactly what you want.



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