This is a tough call because the word sin is determined by what side of the tracks you live. In my opinion, no manifesting is not a sin. It’s really a virtue quite often.

What is manifesting? We find it’s actually the act of thinking of something and receiving it as a physical and/or spiritual experience. That’s it. What you manifest may or may not be considered a sin. The general act of manifesting is distinctly different from what is manifested.

Most religions make distinctions between what is a permissible manifestation. The term manifesting or manifestation has no connection to evil until a particular sinful action or thought is created. It’s safe to say each manifestation can be evaluated for it’s good or bad quality. There is no one size fit’s all evaluation here. It’s just like water can be used for both good and bad. Is the use of water a sin? Obviously, there is no one valid answer.

Is thinking of deliberately murdering an innocent person sinful or is thinking of murdering someone in self-defense the sin? Which one of the aforementioned thoughts is sinful and under what circumstances? What is considered a sin? A common belief is doing harm to self and others is sinful.

Manifestation takes on thinking and receiving what you thought. No, that’s not evil. The particular thing you may think of could be evil. That does not make general concept manifestation evil. We are supposed to manifest and we do it regularly without concerted effort.

Walking and talking is a form of manifestation. One must make use of the subconscious mind to summon the muscles and equilibrium needed for the tasks. That’s not at all evil until it is donwe consciously hurting self and/or others

Thinking can’t possibly be sinful until a particular focus arises. What is sinful and evil can easily be misconstrued. In fact, it has been. People once thought fire was evil. There are so-called civilizations documented in history that believed in all sorts of things. Ideals have been bent out of shape and put back together again several times over thousands of years.

Our universe is considered a maze of magnetic frequencies. Each frequency has its own unique level and purpose. That’s nature’s plan. Society brings about status. There are things ordained by society and religion for the sake of organizing a world. So you see, we have our universe and also a world. Values are tossed around from one place to another.

We can easily surmise that doing harm to either self or others is sinful. A deep evaluation of esthetics can be started here. We can question what is harmful versus what is advantageous. The word sin is not as simple as some make it. Good and evil are two extremes that can easily be confused. In fact, they are.

Reading and writing are acts of manifestation. One must summon the brain to decipher what is printed by use of the eyes. That’s the act of receiving stimuli and organizing them into conceivable reality. It’s manifesting and it’s not evil. It’s not evil until it’s done to hurt. Hurt causes pain, but some say “no pain no gain.” That’s a typically limited belief statement. What about when someone deserves to be hurt?

A careful study can reveal that pain is only a sensation derived from one feeling in comparison to another. Negative and positive are hereby relative. Discomfort is also questionable. There are people who walk on tacks and feel no pain. I just went to another extreme to bring about the awareness of how vast our minds can extend. Life and death are questionable states of being only to be deciphered by that which is considered normal. Yes, I know it seems crazy but when it comes to reality, the only stable answer is the superposition state. That’s the all mighty.

Our multiverse is infinitely vast. What you feel is dependent upon what you believe.

I generally tend to go along usually with what has been established by the so-called authorities. You know, Government, etc., but even then there are many things left without answers. Manifestation in my personal opinion is not a sin. It’s not a sin for the mere reason we must do it whether we are formally conscious or not. Remember, walking and talking are manifestations.



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