We’re Killin’ It. No this is not about singing, dancing, or anything of the sort. I’m talking about messing up the planet that we live on. No, not just your block or your hood. The whole planet is being affected by garbage. A fancy term is “hazardous waste.” Some call it toxic waste. Whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean. There’s junk floating around in the oceans and in the air. There’s hope as we must all be aware. You may think it’s just your local pond or lake. No, there are reports of plastic bottles getting carried away to sea and floating around all over the world. The oceans and seas are actually now polluted. Most folks are under so much stress because of the changing tide of world events that they don’t have time to figure and think. The average person today takes for granted that pollution exists and somebody is going to take care of it. The raw truth is that pollution has actually become a problem of overwhelming proportions. We have an organization dedicated to controlling the build-up of toxic waste but they only nibble at the enormous problem.

Politicians are stymied because of greed, fear, or ignorance. Garbage disposal becomes a major problem especially when the creation of certain waste should not have even been created.

Society is addicted to superficial fabrication and I dear say the internal gasoline combustion engine is a prime example. It was great in its inception however modern science has found cleaner ways to run engines. The problem is industry does not want to flex because making a change would be devastating to certain sectors of industry.

The world has the science to make major changes but the tendency to hold on to old industrial practices persists.

This is evident from a basic look at fashion. It’s cool to tear up your denim pants and put a ring in your nose. I ask you what tribe did that and why are they from New York in the twenty-first century?

Many government officials worldwide are in a heavy denial coma. People are hungry for money at all costs. The primary cost I speak of here is health. Breathing polluted air is a deadly practice happening worldwide. Most of us think nothing of it. Governments are more focused on “military wolf tickets.” In other words, the so-called “upper echelon” is more focused on maintaining power over others. Let it be known that one cannot control when there is little air to breathe. Powerful people buy time with rhetoric.

The purpose of this article is to shed light upon a gloomy plight. What can we do and what are we doing? There are organizations like the SQM CLUB that monitor the Co2 emissions from private and public firms. I salute these guys but that’s not enough.

Clean air can begin at home. It begins with basic practices like the use and disposal of plastic bags, cups, knives, and bottles. Plastic is devastating. How can we live without plastic? That would mean an entire lifestyle change.

What would life be like without “the plastic bottle?” Could we go back to glass bottles? There’s still broken glass in certain neighborhood streets. Imagine perhaps we could find a substance as durable as plastic but without the toxic waste side effect.

How can anyone think about eliminating plastic from the world when there is the Covid-19 Pandemic continuing its rage. What do we do with high-profile people subliminal promoting the pharmaceutical industry by scaring people into paralysis? Yeah … I said it. People are actually being scared sick. If they didn’t have anything wrong with them at first, they certainly will have something wrong with them after watching the news and hearing all sorts of dismal stories. Does anyone in the media focus on naturally strengthening the immune system instead of using more chemicals?

Now that we all know about destroying ourselves, what are we going to do? The best thing I can tell you at this point is to sharpen your awareness and take action at home.

There are a few things that can be done about toxic waste starting at home. One of my recent discoveries is how to eliminate liquid cleaning chemicals from the home. This can be done by using what is now called “nano towel technology.” There is now a specially treated cloth that will eliminate the need for liquid chemicals in the home and throughout the industry. I made a video discussing the SQM CLUB and went further leading to a new discovery. follow my links that lead to the video further explaining how you can help eliminate toxic waste.




I was born. Now walk and talk

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Stephen Hawaryat

Stephen Hawaryat

I was born. Now walk and talk

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